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The Nitrogen Cycle

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Chemical Reactions

The nitrogen cycle involves an abundant number of chemical reactions to get from atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to nitrate (NO3-).

Let the equations roll....

Nitrogen: N2
Ammonia: NH3
*Nitrogen to Ammonia: N+ H3
*Ammonia to Nitrite: N+ O2-
*Nitrate= NO2- + O

Chemical things to remember....

Here's a list of some of the chemical reactions that occur:
Nitrogen Fixation: the breaking of the triple bond in atmospheric nitrogen
Ammonification: transistion from fixed nitrogen to ammonia
Nitrification: Ammonia to nitrite to nitrate (plants can only use nitrate!!)
Denitrification: Nitrate returns to atmospheric nitrogen (N2)

See it really isn't that bad. Quite simple.
At least according to this guy....

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Reshma, Elizabeth, and Darrecia