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The Nitrogen Cycle

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Human Intervention

Here we will discovery how we affect the nitrogen cycle

The first way we affect the Nitrigen cycle

By burning fuels we contribute large amounts of nitric oxide into the atmosphere. When this happens the gas is converted into nitrigen dioxide and nitric acid which returns to the surface as acid rain.

Fall harvest

The second way we affect the nitrogen cycle

We contribute to the addition of nitrous oxide in our atmosphere by adding anaerobic bacteria to livestock wastes and commercial inorganic fertilizers which we apply to the soil. The gas that is released warms the troposhphere and depletes the ozone.

Stream & moss

The third way we affect the nitrogen cycle

By destroying forests grasslands, and wetlands we release large quantities of nitrogen into the troposphere. The fourth way we affect the nitrogen cycle is by adding extra nitrates into agricultural runoff which discharges from municipal sewage systems and upsets aquatic ecosystems.

Other ways we affect the nitrogen cycle

When we harvest crops that are rich in nitrogen, irrigate crops, and burn or clear grasslands we also remove nitrogen from topsoil.
By increasing the inputs of nitrogen into air, soil, and water we are paving the way for life forms to adapt and survive on nitrogen rich nutrients.

Created by APES Students:
Reshma, Elizabeth, and Darrecia